FireTune for an easy and fast optimization of Firefox
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FireTune for Mozilla Firefox was developed for an easy and fast optimization of your browsing experience with Firefox. It is based on a collection of popular and well working optimization settings used and tested by the experts. Usually you have to optimize Firefox manually, which can be time consuming and difficult for the novice user. FireTune helps you here - it includes all the performance optimizations. The only thing you must do is: make your selection. FireTune does the work for you. According to your specific computer speed and internet connection speed, FireTune will optimize several internal settings of Firefox for better performance. FireTune does NOT modify the Firefox executable, or any other Firefox binary file. Everything can be undone easily provided you saved your original profile configuration file with FireTune's profile backup feature before.Inteded to make and already great Web browser greater. And it does. Simple interface, not many questions asked, really fast and it's for free! You are encouraged on the Home Page to make a donation through PayPal though.
With less of 1 Mb downloadable setup file and a straightforward installation the FireTune brings you the possibility to tune up (or adapt) the configurations of FireFox brower to its work environment, wich means in this case, the speed of your computer and the speed of your Internet connection. Everything that this tool does can be done manually on FireFox, but the problem is that to do that you have to be kind of an expert user or at very least, well informed. So, since that's not the case for most people, a tool like FireTune can come in handy when trying to speed things up regarding to web browsing.
Let's take a look to how it works.
Few questions are asked through a three tabs main window to gather all the information needed to perform the tune up. In the first tab, Performance Optimization, five options are available from wich you have to choose the best for you. The options refer to speeds of your computer and Internet connection and are listed as follows:

Fast computer / Fast connection
Fast computer / Slower connection
Fast computer / Slow connection
Slow computer / Fast connection
Slow computer / Slow connection

As a reference, FineTune tells you that considers a computer as Fast when its CPU runs at a speed greater than 1.5 Ghz and a memory RAM of at least 512 MB. A Fast connection is when you a DSL, Cable or better connection.

The second tab, Other Optimizations, only has to checkboxes to ckeck. “Enable some performance tweaks common to all configurations”, checked by default and “Enable caching of objects served over a secure connection (SSL)” unchecked by default. If you don't know what to do, the best choice is to leave them as they are.
The third tab, Other useful settings, offers you three customization settings. “Display an error page instead of an error messagebox”, “Turn on autocomplete for URLs” and “Optimize FireFox memory usage”. These settings you should choose according to your likes.

Once you went through these questions, go ahead and push the Tune It! Button and you're all set. In less than 2 seconds tasks are completed and you can go back to web browsing.
If you prefer other than english for the interface language, you can download language packages from the menu. Also, FineTune recommends you to make a back up of the FireFox configuration before you Tune it in case you want to come back.

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  • Easy-to-use
  • Freeware
  • Fast


  • English help only supported
  • Lacks of explanations for some settings
  • Not very good translations of interface
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